Floor Installation Service

We are committed to delivering flooring solutions.

We provide you with access to a list of network professional flooring installers not affiliated with My Floors Concierge. You can bid to multiple companies without having them all in your home. They will offer comprehensive flooring installation service.

Our network of installers are experienced, skilled, and trustworthy professionals. In creating the list we provide to our customers we look for hardwood specialists, luxury vinyl specialists, tile & stone specialists who have a history of going above and beyond for their clients.

Once you  have chosen an installer, they should work with you every step of the way from start to finish. Every flooring installation involves careful preparation of the subfloor, meticulous measurement and cutting of the new flooring material, potential installation of an underlayment layer, precise installation of the flooring material, trimming and finishing, and a thorough clean-up.

So, when you choose your flooring installer you want a contractor more like a partner that prioritizes your vision, your satisfaction, and your peace of mind. We are committed to delivering flooring solutions that transform spaces with our network of verified installers.

Contact us today and see why everyone is using My Floor Concierge services for all of their flooring project needs!