Floor Measuring Service

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As the “concierge” of DIY and commercial flooring services, our company offers an experience that goes far beyond traditional flooring installation. Using our measuring service allows you to get all of your measurements in advance before searching for your own installer or if you are a DIY person. This allows you to put it out to multiple companies for bidding without having them all in your home. Much like a luxury hotel concierge caters to every need of their guests, we focus on managing every aspect of your flooring project with an unparalleled attention to detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our service is often used by individuals, businesses, or organizations that need to know the exact dimensions of their floors for renovation, new flooring installation, and planning interior design & decor layouts. Our friendly and highly trained professionals use specialized equipment and techniques to measure and record the dimensions of the floor to exact specifications. This may include laser measuring tools, tape measures, and floor plan software. Once a installer is chosen we do not involve any further. You work directly with the installer and no longer dealing with My Floors Concierge.

Our floor and stair measuring service will provide the client with a detailed report or floor plan that includes accurate measurements of the floor area, as well as any irregularities or features that may affect the installation of flooring materials or other construction work. Our floor and stair measuring service can be a valuable resource for anyone who needs precise and reliable measurements of their floors, whether for practical or aesthetic purposes. Measuring service $150 or $.05 per sq ft of the house (which ever is greater).

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